Speed experience in rate plans

At Koodo, the choice is yours – even when it comes to speed. There are two speed experiences you can choose in our rate plans, based on your needs and budget: 3G and 4G.

Both 3G speed and 4G speed plans run on the same 4G LTE network, but data speeds are different depending on the plan you choose. 3G speeds may reach up to 3 Mbps download speed, and 4G speed may reach up to 100 Mbps download speed. Since both types of plans use the same, great network, all of our phones will work with these plans. You’ll also still see the 4G/LTE logo on your phone when you’re connected to the network, no matter what speed experience you choose.

3G speed plans: If you don’t use your phone too often, are just starting out with a smartphone, or want to keep data usage to a minimum, 3G speed is likely for you. Sure, bells and whistles are great, but hey, sometimes a phone is just a phone.

4G speed plans: If you use your phone for pretty much everything else, 4G speed might be the better choice. Enjoy streaming, video calling, a richer social media experience and more with 4G speed up to 100 Mbps.

Note: 3G speed plans are also compatible with optional add-ons like VoLTE, Wi-fi Calling, Easy Roam, Call Control, and data top-ups.

See the table below to compare 3G speed plans and 4G speed plans before making your choice.

Tip: If you're viewing this page on your mobile phone, rotate your phone screen/turn on auto-rotate to see the full table.

3G speed plans 4G speed plans
Data speeds Up to 3 Mbps* Up to 100 Mbps*
Messaging Canada-wide messaging International messaging
Voice Minutes Some plans have limited outgoing minutes All plans have unlimited Canada-wide calling
Tab Not eligible for the Koodo Tab. Plans only available when you bring your own phone. Get a phone with Koodo and lower your upfront payment with the Tab. Plus, most phones with Koodo come with a Tab Bonus for even more savings.
Good for Checking email, browsing the internet, making/receiving infrequent calls Checking email, browsing the internet, a rich social media experience, reliable video calls, HD video streaming, audio streaming (podcasting), gaming

*Speed and signal strength may vary with your device, configuration, Internet traffic, environmental conditions, applicable network management, and other factors.

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