Server turndown impacting selected customers

As technology continues to evolve, we’re constantly making updates to improve your experience. Some accounts are affected by an upcoming server turndown, and we’ll be transferring you to a new Koodo account. You'll receive communication from Koodo if this is the case.

You’ll be given a new rate plan with better features than your current plan, and you’ll have access to newer Koodo features, such as Shock-Free Data, as well as great phone discounts with the Tab.

What does this mean for me?

Your day-to-day service will be unaffected, and you’ll still be able to make/receive calls and text messages and browse the internet as normal.

A reminder text message will be sent 2 hours before your account is transferred. You’ll need to set up a new Self Serve account, update your billing information, and ensure your last bill is fully paid. Lastly, your voicemail will be reset during the transfer, and you’ll lose any saved messages.

The details of these steps can be found below. You can also visit for more information.


Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, your phone number will remain the same.

How will I pay my bill?

You’ll have to set up your payment method for your new account, but the same payment options will be available.

If you make payments through your bank, please ensure to update it with your new Koodo account number (starting with a “4”). The account number is visible in Self Serve and in your “Welcome to Koodo” email.

You can also set up pre-authorized payments using the instructions in our Help page.

Can I keep my plan?

To thank you for your patience and understanding, we’re moving affected customers to new rate plans with better features, like more data and unlimited Canada-wide minutes, all for the same price as your current plan.

Log in at to review your new plan details.

Where can I go for support?

For instant responses from our Koodo Assist chatbot or to schedule a callback from a rep, please go to

Will the pre-authorized payments set up on my old account still work?

If you were registered for pre-authorized payments on your old account, you’ll need to pay your final bill manually.

Why did I receive two different Koodo bills?

Once your new account is created, you’ll receive two bills:

1. The final bill from your old account

  • Includes: Partial charges from your existing billing cycle to the date your new account was created

2. The first bill from your new account

  • Includes: Partial charges from the day your new account was created, plus the first full month

These bills are adjusted to ensure that you’re only charged for the days that you used the service. For more information about partial charges and proration, check out our Help page.

Will this affect my credit?

Your new account doesn’t require a credit check, but please ensure you pay your final bill from your old account as soon as possible to avoid any late payments, which will impact your credit.

Is this a new contract?

No. Your service will remain month-to-month, the same as your existing service, with no term commitment.

Can I keep my existing Self Serve account?

As part of this process, you’ll have to create a new Self Serve account. This newer version of Koodo Self Serve is much improved from our old system and offers more features than ever, like the ability to view offers, to track your data usage in real time, and more.

Within 24 hours of transferring to your new Koodo account, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to set up your Self Serve account.

What will happen to my saved voicemail?

Voicemail messages can’t be transferred between accounts. Any saved messages will be lost when you’re moved to your new account. Messages you wish to keep can be downloaded and saved as an audio file by following these steps:

  • For customers in AB, BC, and MB, visit

  • For customers in any other province, visit

  • Enter your 10-digit phone number as your username and password

    • You’ll be asked to update your password on your first login
  • Click on the voice message you wish to save under “Subject” then click “Download”

  • The file will then download as a .wav file onto the device you’re using to access the website

Can I get a new phone?

Absolutely. With your new account you’ll be able to take advantage of the Koodo Tab, with great discounts on the latest devices. To start looking for your next phone, check out our Phones page.

Will I pay long-distance charges on my new plan?

All Koodo plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling. For international calls (including the US), we offer a series of add-ons, which can be added to your account in Self Serve.

How does roaming work?

With Koodo’s Easy Roam, you can take advantage of your rate plan features just the same as if you were in Canada.

How do data overages work?

All new Koodo plans have Shock Free Data. This means that when you’ve reached 50% and 90% of your usage, you’ll receive an SMS message notifying you that you’re approaching your limit. When you reach 100% of your usage, we’ll then pause your data and give you the option to purchase more data. If you decide not to purchase a top up, your data will simply remain paused until the beginning of the next billing cycle.

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