Prepaid 101 - Viewing your promos in Self Serve

You can view the details of any promo on your account by logging in to Self Serve and visiting the Overview page. In the section called “My Promotions”, you’ll be able to see:

  • Your usage on promo features (e.g. data bonuses).
  • The remaining portion you have left if you’re on a promo that extends multiple months.

Just to let you know: If you do not have a promo active on your account, the “My Promotions” section will not appear.

If you do have a promo on your account, you will also be able to see it on the “Base Plan and Booster Add-ons” page.

Keeping track of bonus features

If you have a bonus promo (e.g. 500 MB of data), you can further track your usage on the “Phone Services” page by clicking the tab “Usage Summary”.

Keeping track of discounts

If your promo is a discount (i.e. Get $5 off), you can track your usage on the “Billing” page by clicking the tab “Transaction History”.

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