iPhone Warranty

The Apple iPhone comes with a standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty which begins on the date of purchase. Your proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims.

Warranty service for your Koodo iPhone

How you can make a claim on your warranty depends on how many days have passed since you made your purchase:

Period Condition Procedure Cost
Day 1 to day 15 Manufacturer defect. No physical damage New iPhone provided through Koodo.
Contact Koodo for initial troubleshooting, or visit your original point of purchase for assistance.
Troubleshooting, as well as a visual inspection of your Koodo iPhone, will be performed. If no physical or liquid damage is present, and a manufacturer defect exists, your Koodo iPhone will be exchanged for a new, similar model.
No cost, providing your iPhone isn’t out of the warranty period due to physical or liquid damage, and the manufacturer defect is present.
Day 16 to day 365 Manufacturer defect No physical damage Service replacement provided through Apple. Contact Apple support. No cost, providing your iPhone isn’t out of the warranty period due to physical or liquid damage.
Out-of-warranty service for iPhone Warranty period has expired, or physical damage If you own an iPhone that isn’t eligible for warranty service but is eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) Service, Apple will service your iPhone for the Out-of-Warranty Service Fee. Contact Apple Support Costs vary depending on the iPhone model. Refer to Apple's service pricing page for details.

Embedded SIM (eSIM) phone: Any eSIM that gets downloaded onto the phone might get wiped during the repair process. Unfortunately Koodo won’t be able to take care of any information that gets lost through an eSIM wipe from a non-Koodo carrier service.

If your phone’s eSIM line is active with a carrier other than Koodo, you’ll need to take care of getting and activating a new eSIM card from that carrier. Good to know: a non-Koodo carrier may charge you for a replacement eSIM card.

Validating your iPhone warranty

To check your iPhone’s warranty status, you can refer to your proof of purchase or visit Apple Service and Support.

iPhone accessories

Defective iPhone accessories are supported directly by Apple. For more details, visit Apple or contact Apple Support.

Apple Protection Plan (AppleCare+)

Apple offers an extended protection plan which includes technical support and hardware repair coverage for up to 24 months from the purchase date of AppleCare+. Visit AppleCare+ for more info. AppleCare+ is available at Koodo stores and can be purchased at the time of activation, or within 60 days from the date of purchase (inspection required). See in-store for details.

Apple FAQ

For more information on coverage available through Apple, please check their FAQ section. You can find a copy of the Manufacturer’s Warranty in your iPhone’s box.

Not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Water damage

When mobile phones get wet, they have little chance of surviving, and are not covered by warranty. Common causes for moisture damage include:

  • Being dropped in water or on a wet car floor
  • Spilling liquid on the phone
  • Rain, fog or mist droplets
  • Leaving the phone on moist surfaces like countertops
  • Body perspiration, which can cause the main circuit board to rust
  • Water condensation caused by leaving the phone in the bathroom while taking a shower, or by leaving the phone in a vehicle overnight

It’s good to know:

  • Problems caused by moisture may not occur immediately
  • Often corrosion will appear on the phone charging port
  • Our Koodo Service reps can only check for external moisture damage. We ship your phone to the manufacturers’ authorized service centre, where certified technicians can open your phone to check for internal damage.

Physical damage

If your mobile phone is damaged due to neglect or abuse, it won’t be covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Some examples or physical damage include:

  • Broken LCD screen
  • Broken flip
  • Damage to housing
  • Broken charging port
  • Warped internal components
  • Bent / cracked main board

Just so you know:

You can damage your phone by carrying it in a pocket, especially with other items such as keys Damage can occur when a phone is repeatedly knocked by items in a purse, knapsack or briefcase

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