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We care about getting you great plans at great prices that are right for you. Our “True North Affordability” stamp means our plans line up with the stated benchmark* for wireless affordability.

Federal Approved Stamp

As part of their campaign, the Liberal Party pledged to make cell phone bills more affordable and reduce them by 25%, saving a family of four almost $1,000 a year.

Scenario Current Annual Cost Exceeds Annual Target By
2 Koodo Plans at 7GB and

2 Koodo Plans at 2GB

with unlimited Canada-wide talk & text
$2,760 $169

We reviewed our current in market pricing to ensure that we offer a plan that is more affordable than $2929 annual target for a family of four, as outlined in the chart above.

Our Koodo plans provide 4GB more data than the sample plans referenced by the Liberal Party, and provide an additional $169 in annual savings. See our Koodo plans here.

For full details, including the chart released on to show the new prices with suggested reductions, please see the Liberal Party’s proposal.

* The stated benchmark for wireless affordability was released by the Liberal Party on Koodo does not affiliate with nor endorse any political Party.

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