Activating your prepaid phone

Here's what you need to activate your Prepaid phone:

  1. Your Koodo Prepaid SIM card. Unless you bought one separately, you’ll find it in the packaging with your Koodo Prepaid phone.

  2. Your selected base plan and Booster® add-on(s). You can choose from a number of base plans and Talk or Data Booster add-ons on our Prepaid plans page.

  3. Your payment method. You can use a top-up voucher purchased at a Koodo store or retail partner across Canada, or use your credit or Visa Debit card. If you’re paying with a top-up voucher, you’ll need to make sure it has enough funds to cover the total cost of your selected base plan and Booster add-on(s).

    Note: Only a credit card or Visa Debit card registered to a Canadian address can be registered to your account. International credit cards or Visa Debit cards aren't accepted.

  4. Automatic top-ups. With automatic top-ups, leave it to us to top-up your account every 30 days with your registered credit or Visa debit card, just in time for your base plan renewal. Sign up today in Self Serve.

Ready to go?

Visit to activate your Koodo Prepaid service.


1 - How can I start receiving calls on my new phone after upgrading? They’re still going to my old phone even after I’ve completed the setup.

Please make sure that you’ve ported your number over to Koodo. This can be done with some help from a rep. To get started, please go to Prepaid Koodo Assist and schedule a callback.

2 - Can I activate a new Prepaid phone with a SIM and keep the same number?

Yes! You might have to go through the number porting or number transferring procedure, but if it’s the same SIM, the number should be kept the same.

3 - Why is my phone still deactivated after I topped up my account?

Sometimes it takes a few days to move your phone out of a deactivated state. Please also ensure that the amount you’ve topped up is enough to cover the base plan associated with your account.

4 - I followed the activation process, but my card is still inactive. Is there a delay between payment and activation?

There can be a short delay, but in general the card should be activated right away. Please always confirm that you’ve received a confirmation “Welcome” email after activation. If you haven’t, please contact us.

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