Activating your prepaid phone

Here's what you need to activate your Prepaid phone:

  • Your Koodo Prepaid SIM card. Unless you bought one separately, you’ll find it in the packaging with your Koodo Prepaid phone.
  • Your selected base plan and Booster® add-on(s). You can choose from a number of base plans and Talk or Data Booster add-ons on our Prepaid plans page.
  • Your payment method. You can use a top-up voucher purchased at a Koodo store or retail partner across Canada, or use your credit or Visa Debit card. If you’re paying with a top-up voucher, you’ll need to make sure it has enough funds to cover the total cost of your selected base plan and Booster add-on(s).
  • Note: Only a credit card or Visa Debit card registered to a Canadian address can be registered to your account. International credit cards or Visa Debit cards aren't accepted.
  • Automatic top-ups. With automatic top-ups, leave it to us to top-up your account every 30 days with your registered credit or Visa debit card, just in time for your base plan renewal. Sign up today in Self Serve.
  • Ready to go? Visit to activate your Koodo Prepaid service.

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