360-day plan FAQs

How do 360-day plans work?

On a 360-day plan, you’ll get your full 12 months’ worth of data on your activation date. The data will not expire within the 12 months, and any unused data after 360 days will not be carried over.

To help you keep track of your usage, we'll send you reminders each time you use a 10% increment of your data. You can opt out of these messages at any time.

How does ‘60 days free’ work?

By activating a 360-day plan, you automatically save by getting a discount off of the 30-day plan by two months - no action necessary!

For example:

If you break down the price of a 360-day plan and the usage, it's the 30-day plan x 12 months, and that's how much data you're getting (with automatic top-ups).

When you pay for a year upfront by getting a 360-day plan, the price is broken down into the 30 day plan x 10 months. We'll give you a discount of 2 months (60 days free!)

Will Boosters still work?

Yes, boosters will continue to work the same as on a 30-day plan. Please note that when activating a data booster, your in-plan bucketed amount will be used before your booster data is used.

Reminder: Booster data will be carried over until you run out or lose your account status.

How do I go from a 30-day Prepaid plan to a 360-day plan?

You can log into your Prepaid Self Serve account and go to the "Change Base Plan" option.

Please note that you can only pay for this plan yearly, not monthly.

If I want to switch plans, can I get a refund for any unused months?

For 360-day plans, there are no refunds for any unused months or leftover data. If you want to switch to a plan before your 360 days are used, you won’t receive any credit or get money back.

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