Switching to Koodo is easy!

  1. Select "Switch now" below
  2. Pick a phone (or, choose a SIM card if you already have a phone)
  3. Add a promo code and validation code
  4. Pick your plan
  5. To bring your phone number to Koodo, select "transfer my current number" during the check out process
  6. Check out!
Switch now

Heads up! You'll still have service with your current service provider until your Koodo package arrives in 10 business days or more. By then, an email on how to transfer your number over to Koodo will be in your inbox.

Need more help? Read the how-to here.

Why Choose Happy?

Get the phone you want (or bring the one you have!)

Koodo's Tab is the easy & affordable way to get a new phone. Once your Tab balance reaches zero, your monthly bill goes down and you'll only need to pay your monthly plan charge. Or you can simply bring your own device and pay just the monthly cost.

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An awesome network with even awesome-er customer service.

Plus, we run on Canada's largest and fastest 4G LTE network*, so you can talk, text, and type at full speed, from anywhere.

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Only Koodo has Shock-Free® data.

Never go over your data again. We send you alerts and then pause your data when you reach your limit, so you don't end up with a nasty bill. You can decide to add more right from your phone.

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Bring your buddies and save up to $300/year.

When you bring a friend to Koodo, we'll hook you both up with bill credits when they activate with us. Win-win.

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