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Save big on entertainment with our exclusive Stream+ bundle.

Get Canada's first bundle of Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, and discovery+ for $28 per month (plus taxes). Add it to any mobile phone plan or get it through Koodo Self Serve.

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Add Stream+ to enjoy Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, and discovery+ for only $28/month plus tax

Calling, Data & Voicemail

Want more from your phone?

There's an add on for that.

Extended Warranty

Protect your tech! Add Device Care Complete or AppleCare+ to your phone plan

Long Distance

Get international calling add-ons and make worry-free calls abroad without any service charges

  • $28.00
    per month
    per month

    Enjoy unmatched monthly savings on premium video streaming.

    Add Stream+ after selecting a plan or log in to your Self Serve account to start streaming on your phone, tablet, laptop and TV. You can also link your existing accounts for these services to enjoy our savings and keep your watch history. If you change your mind, cancel at any time.

    • Save more every month by adding Stream+ instead of paying separately for each service. If you change your mind, cancel at any time.
    • New shows added every week, you’ll find something for everyone on Stream+. Stream shows directly to your phone, tablet, laptop and TV. 
    • Link your existing accounts for any of these services with Stream+ to enjoy our exclusive savings. You can also keep your watch history.
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