Bring your own tablet

Bring your own tablet to Koodo

Get a Koodo SIM card and enjoy Canada's largest 4G/LTE network on your tablet. It's super easy.

  1. Visit a Koodo Store to get a SIM card and select a Tablet plan.
  2. Insert the activated SIM card into your tablet and you're good to go!

Offer available only to existing Koodo customers with a 4G-enabled tablet.

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Bring your own tablet

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Sim nano
$0 retail price
  • Bring your own tablet to Koodo with no fixed-term contract!

  • Plans start from $20 a month*

  • $45 connection fee (including SIM card) applies when purchased in store. (Heads up: Bring your own tablet is currently only available in store, but it will be available online soon)

  • No Tab charge! You'll only ever pay for the monthly plan you choose

  • For more info on bringing your own tablet to Koodo, check out our support page.

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