Bring your own Phone

Bring your own phone to Koodo

Get a Koodo SIM card and enjoy Canada’s largest 5G and 4G LTE networks without changing your phone number. It’s super easy.

If you order online we'll waive the standard $60 connection fee.

  1. Add Bring your own Phone to cart.

  2. Choose a plan that works for you.

  3. Insert the activated SIM card into your phone. And you're good to go!

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Bring your own phone

Bring Your Own Device
  • Bring your own phone and join Koodo with no fixed-term contract!

  • Plans start from $30 a month

  • $60 connection fee applies when purchased in store

  • $0 connection fee when you order online!

  • No Tab charge! You'll only ever pay for your monthly plan charge

  • Koodo’s SIM cards offer Standard, Micro, and Nano sizes to give you the convenience of 3 different proportions all in 1 convenient card. Simply push out the large white card, the medium multi-colored card, or the small white card, and insert it into your phone

shipping info
Order will ship in 2 business days.

Sweet deal!

This offer includes

  • Special plan starting at $25

  • Applies when you bring your own phone. Limited time offer.
  • Some offers may be offered online exclusively

A few things

  • Don't cancel your plan if you want to keep your number. We'll call your provider and do that for you.

  • Remember to unlock your phone! Remember to unlock your phone!

  • Need more info? See How do I move my number to Koodo?

Online shopping made easy.

Skip the fees

No connection fee if you order online!

Final Sale

Koodo SIM cards are non-refundable.

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